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13. Juli 2024 - 23:00 Uhr


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We are happy to offer you a thrilling techno line up.

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SKINNY  11:00 PM. – 12:00 AM.

DOMA    12:00 AM. –  01:30 AM.

SOPIK    01:30 AM. – 03:00 AM.

PISAPIA 03:00 AM. – 05:00 AM.


SKINNY    11:00 PM. – 12:00 AM.

Hailing from Freiburg, SKINNY has been a young upcoming artist in the Hardtechno scene for the past three years. Known for a wild mix of subgenres, SKINNY’s sets are designed to bring one thing above all: pure, energy.

Having played at well-regarded venues like Hans-Bunte-Areal, Mauerpfeiffer, Unikult Munich, as well as various raves in Freiburg, SKINNY has quietly built a reputation for delivering solid, high-energy performances. Each set blends high-octane beats and relentless rhythms, creating a memorable experience for every audience.

What sets SKINNY apart is not just the music but the palpable energy that radiates from the stage. This DJ doesn’t just play tracks; he commands the crowd, making every performance a high-energy spectacle that keeps the dance floor alive from start to finish.

Ready to experience the raw power of Hardtechno?


DOMA    12:00 AM. – 01:30 AM.

For Doma, the night is more than just a backdrop. It is the source of his vibrant energy that creates a bridge between the roots of electronic music and its future. His creative development over twelve years as a DJ and five years of producing continuously refines his artistic perspec- tive. His music becomes a medium that carries the depth of darkness while simultaneously capturing the essence of reality.

Played in clubs and events like: Nordstern, Elysia, Unreal Germany, R-Rabel Group, Exil, Beit Maariv, ROK Klub…….

Shared the booth w/ 999999999, Alignment, Amelie Lens,Callush, Cera Khin, Charlotte de Witte, Clara Cuve, Dax J, Farrago, Franck, I hate Models, Indira Paganot- to, Johannes Schuster, Kalte Liebe, Klangkuenstler, Kobosil, Nina Kraviz, Oguz, Parallx, Parfait, Regal, SHDW & Obscure Shape, Shlomo, SNTS, Somewhen, SPFDJ, Trym and many more…….


SOPIK   01:30 AM. – 03:00 AM.

Sopik is a Ukrainian artist based in Germany, founder of ‘Finder Records’ and a member of Rave Alert. He began his career as a producer a long time ago and from the very first releases, he had a huge support from big artists such as Amelie Lens, Shlømo, Charlotte de Witte, Sara Landry, Kobosil, Trym, Rebekah, 999999999, Carl Cox, Dimitri Vegas, Indira Paganotto, I Hate Models, and many more. More than a hundred tracks and remixes hit the top charts of all music platforms.

With an unmistakable and unparalleled approach, Sopik seamlessly blends elements of hard techno, hard dance, and psytrance, forging a sonic landscape that is truly awe-inspiring. Prepare to be swept away by his innovative sound.


PISAPIA 03:00 AM.- 05:00 AM.

Pisapia, born on August 17, 1998, in Rome, is a rising star in the Neorave scene. Collaborating with labels like 9X9, No Mercy, Etruria and Taapion, his music is known for its relentless beats and uncompromising style. He’s rocked venues such as Taets Art and Event Park and has been featured at major events like Wonderland and Verknipt. Supported by DJs like Amelie Lens, Nico Moreno, 9X9, Shlømo, Lee Ann Roberts.

Pisapia continues to push the boundaries of hard techno with tracks such as ‘hybride boom’ (2023) and ‘eyes onus‘ (2023). With his electrifying performances and innovative sound, Pisapia is quickly making a name for himself in the world of electronic music.


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